In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest ....

Peaceful Hearts

Have you ever felt ...


 ... like no matter what you do it always feels like there is never enough time for everything, that your life seems to be about chasing everyone else's agendas and not your own. 

That the stresses just keep piling on and you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.


And that as a result you end up being impatient and losing it at the ones you love and then really regretting it afterwards?


I have found that ...


... when we understand the truth of our human experience, along with an understanding of our beautiful Deen, life can be an amazing adventure, filled with clarity, confidence and inner calm. All the stresses and frustrations we have experienced in the past fall away.


In fact we are all OK, because ...


Allah tells us He will not burden us with more than we can bear


As a survivor of child sexual abuse, bullying, date rape and domestic abuse, I have been able to embrace a life filled with passion and purpose. I am no longer held back by the trauma of my past or the fears of my future. If this is possible for me, it is possible for you too!


Today I want to invite you to ...

... join me for the Peaceful Hearts program


To sum up the outcome of the Peaceful Hearts program ...


It will bring you back to your Fitrah, in sha Allah!


Peaceful Hearts


Learn the secret of inner peace, resilience, effortless patiences, courage and confidence from an Islamic perspective.


“Verily, In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” (Surah Rad, 28)


In this life changing, experiential workshop you will learn how you can:


  • Feel renewed, re-energised & totally inspired to get back to work & make the most of this life

  • Feel a deep sense of inner love & connection that transforms all your relationships

  • Re-set your natural state of inner peace & confidence as you step back into being your best, highest self

  • Permanently let go of any insecurity, self-doubt and fear that may have been holding you back until now

  • Feel a surge of spiritual energy that impacts every aspect of your day (and keeps getting stronger over time)

  • Be much more present more of the time, so you feel in the zone with your family & friends and super-productive and unstoppable at work

  • Be in touch with you inner-most intuition and feel Allah's guidance through every moment of every day.

What others say about this ...

YES! I want to find a peaceful heart ...

To find a class to join or to organise to have Peaceful Hearts run in your community, book a call with Kathryn to find out more.

"Negative thoughts are like scratches on a window: they stop you from seeing life with clarity. When the negative thoughts cease, the scratches disappear and the window becomes crystal clear. The the beauty and positive aspects of life can be seen."

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link