How To Step Up And Embrace The Leader Within

During this free class, you will discover...

  • Exactly how you can shift from saying 'yes' out of obligation or guilt to powerfully saying 'no' even when you are being bullied to comply

  • How you can confidently take charge of family matters, especially important decision making and setting limits with your children, whatever age they are

  • That you can be patient with the first strike of calamity, regardless how challenging a test Allah sends you, just like our Prophets and Messengers (AS) did

  • That it is possible to live life without rage, depression, frustration, loneliness, fear, and pain; even if nothing else changes in your life, there is always hope​

  • And that you can live a life where you fear Allah over His creation, please Allah before His creation and have fearless confidence to stand up for what is right according to our beautiful religion and be embraced by a sense of gratitude and love for the life Allah has blessed you with​.

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