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For over 40 years, the Inside Out Paradigm (or Three Principles Paradigm) has been taught, researched and documented to prove that this understanding is life changing.

Some of the results ....



    Reduction in assaults


    Reduction in violent crime


    Reduction in homocides


    Increase in employment



    Reduction is school discipline referrals and suspensions


    Increase in parental school involvement


    Reduction is school truancy rates



    Reported being significantly more in control of their behaviours, thoughts and feelings


    Reported being significantly less depressed


    Reported significant consistently (after 6 years) high self-esteem and positive changes in marriage and personal relationships



    Significant reduction in affective disorders


    Significant reduction in anxiety disorders


    Significant reduction in adjustment disorders

Results taken from the Innate Revolution website (Research Section)

Research, Evidence and Examples

Three Principles / Inside Out Paradigm Papers & Articles


Visitacion Valley Community Resiliency Project – San Francisco, CA​By Roger C. Mills, Ph.D.


An Investigation Into How Increased Well-being (Using ‘The Three Principles’ Model) Can Improve and Enhance Experiences of EducationBethany Jones


Three Principles for Realizing Mental Health: A New Psychospiritual View, Jack Pransky and Thomas M. Kelley

Inside-Out or Outside-In: Understanding Spiritual Principles versus Depending on Techniques to Realize Improved Mindfulness/Mental Health, Thomas M. Kelley, Jack Pransky, and Eric G. Lambert

Discovering Our Health: Rethinking Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, Elena Mustakova-Possardt

Principles for Realizing Resilience: A New View of Trauma and Inner Resilience, Thomas M. Kelley and Jack Pransky

Natural Resilience and Innate Mental Health, Thomas M. Kelley

Realizing Improved Mental Health Through Understanding Three Spiritual Principles, Thomas M. Kelley, Jack Pransky, and Eric G. Lambert

Principle-Based Psychology of School Violence Prevention, Thomas M. Kelley

Health Realization; An Innate Resiliency Paradigm for School Psychology, Roger C. Mills and Rita Shuford

Positive Psychology and Adolescent Mental Health: False Promise or True Breakthrough? Thomas M. Kelley

Principle-Based Correctional Counseling: Teaching Health Versus Treating Illness, Thomas M. Kelley

Principles for Realizing Resilience: A New View of Trauma and Inner Resilience, Thomas M. Kelley and Jack Pransky

Thought Recognition, Locus of Control, and Adolescent Well-Being, Thomas M. Kelley

Resilience In Our Schools: Discovering Mental Health and Hope From The Inside-Out, Kathy Marshall

Personal Change – A Community’s Renewal, Azra Simonetti

More Than The Sum of Its Parts: Working with Few to Affect Many in Visitacion Valley, Melanie Moore Kubo

The Camden Community School 3 Principles Services Project, Ami Chen Mills

The Impact of Health Realization Training on Feelings of Self-Esteem and Psychological Distress in Mentally Ill Clients, Penny Fidler and Celestine McMahan

Results of application in communities ...

Kyra's Story

Resolution of issues of bullying at school

The Modello Project

Modello was a Federal housing project in South Dade County below Miami, Florida. Modello was for Janet Reno, then State Attorney for Dade County, a real “thorn in her side.” At the end of the three-year project, the transformations among many of the residents were dramatic.

Healing Power of the Mind

Joe Bailey's story of healing from Lymes Disease

For other documentories and stories on the amazing work being done in the Three Principles/ Inside Out Paradigm visit:

"Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts."

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link