Live Online April 26th - 28th, 2019


It's easier than you think!

Imagine today is your last day ...


Are you ready? 

Have you done enough?


Join 20+ expert Muslim women as they share with you how you can put your legacy first!




I really enjoyed the interviews and I really enjoyed being introduced to so many professional Muslim women who offer services from a religious and practical point of view.

Rawhaan (ME First Summit 2017)

20+ Expert Presentations & Interviews Over 3 Days

Imagine that today is your last day ....


- are you ready?

- have you done enough?

- how is your Eeman?

- Do you think Allah will be pleased with you?


What will you be remembered for?


Your children, your husband, your parents, your friends, your teachers, your colleagues.

What will they say about you once you are gone?


Will they remember you as the warm, nurturing soul that you are, that tended to their needs with integrity and respect, who was always a shining light as the ideal example of a Muslim woman?

Will they remember all that you did for them?


Or will they just remember the struggles, hard times, the nagging, the tiredness, overwhelm and disconnected person that shows up sometimes ... or maybe she is there most of the time?


ME First Legacy is all about putting your legacy first.

Your legacy is what you will find on your scales of good deeds on the Day of Judgment.

Every moment of everyday can be an act of worship. Every moment can be a part of your legacy. It's just about how you show up!


This is what we were created for ... To worship Allah alone.


Not to be lost in the daily grind.


This summit will set you up to begin your journey to a legacy focussed life. Expert sisters from across the globe will share with you their stories, expert advice and tips so you can make your daily life into a legacy!

Meet The Speakers

Muslim women experts supporting Muslim women

Asiya Nasir

Founder of Jessica Cares

Calisha Bennett

Founder of Developing Diamonds

Nausheena Hussain

Co-founder of Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment

Lalla Cissé

Founder of Soul Empowered Muslimah

Halima Hajat

Founder of The MusliMum

Hafsa Taher

Founder of Hafsa Creates

Aisha Arshad

Founder of Noble Muslim

Aminah Momin

Founder of Forty Plus Fit Muslimah

Jamila Akther

Inside Out Relationship Coach

Aziza Di Bello

Founder of Psicología Islámica

Halima Jibir

Randa Taftaf

Founder of Rummana Publishing


“I absolutely loved this summit, it was very beneficial to me! I wrote notes for the recordings and will be going through them regularly. Jazak Allah khair ”


“ Well done sister, it was lovely & inspiring to see so many knowledgeable and diverse group of sisters. Masha Allah. I especially enjoyed the challenges that some sisters had overcome to rise above adversity and prosper. Masha Allah. ”

Join 20+ expert Muslim women as they share with you how you can put your legacy first!

Bonus Inspirational Videos

Past Speakers from 2017 and 2018 return to share some inspirational tips for you

  • Zaina Della Porta

    Founder of Serene Lifestyle Coaching

  • Zahra Summayah

    Founder of Manifesting Muslimah 

  • Nabillah Farooq

    Founder of Be Fit The Prophet's Way

  • Umm Sakeenah (Kate)

    Founder of Healthy Muslimah

  • Sohada Awad

    Founder of Madinah Therapies

  • Hafsah Adham

    Founder of The Confident Muslimah

  • Cordelia Gaffar

    Founder of Workout Around My Day

  • Khadija Al-Kaddour

    Muslimah Motherhood Coach

  • Sohret Hussein

    Founder of Empower Your Life Coaching

  • Fizza Khan

    Founder of Light of Hope

  • Amina Hossen

    Founder of the Happy Home Programme