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Behaviour is the symptom ...

Parents are struggling to parent their children. They are confused by all the different advice and parenting methods to choose from. They are trying every thing. And still they find themselves struggling. There is one key factor that is missing.... behaviour is not actually the problem. It is the symptom of the underlying problem.


When parents are actually taught how to tackle the problem itself, they succeed in bringing calm to the chaos in their homes and begin to take charge of their parenting challenges with confidence.

For parents ...

Peaceful Parenting From The Inside Out & Peaceful Parenting For Teens are programs designed to teach, support and empower our parents to lead their families from a peaceful place inside, in alignment with the teachings and manner of the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

6 week online program

Peaceful Parenting From The Inside Out

Discover The Powerful Secret To Bringing Peace & Harmony Into Your Home

7 module online program

Peaceful Parenting For Teens

The Profoundly Powerful System that can create heart-warming relationship turnarounds with your teen, so your life can once again be filled with  lovehappiness and 

2 hour workshop

From Stressful To Successful Parenting

Introduction to Peaceful Parenting & Understanding Children's Big Emotions

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Some videos to support the Peaceful Parenting approach

Superpower of the mind

A talk by Mara Gleeson to high school students that demonstrates the powerful message of this psychological understanding has for our youth and the challenges they face. (Some of her stories contain concepts that are not appropriate for a Muslim audience, please look past that to hear her message in sha Allah)

Muslim identity

We are now educating children that have never known a world without Islamophobia. This video shows initial results from studies of Muslim identity of children growing up in the USA. The results are disturbing. Building our children's emotional resilience will build their ability to stay strong despite the negative rhetoric they experience, in sha Allah.

The importance of connection

Insight into the importance of looking at what lies under the behaviour

The importance of connection

The theory of connection in parenting by Patty Wipfler the founder of the Parenting by Connection approach, the program that Peaceful Parenting is based on.

The Simplicity of Life

The profound example of the result of the psychological understanding taught through the Back To The Fitrah Mentoring Programs.

"Everything on earth comes from one divine source. Our personal thoughts determine what we think of the form it has taken in our lives"

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link