Transformational Stories

Effortless transformation is real ...

Discover the profound shifts that happen in the lives of those who understand the Inside Out Paradigm. It is real and it is for everyone. Even you!

Pamela Torney


This is a raw and authentic recount of Pamela's experience through understanding the Inside Out Paradigm. 

Calisha Bennett


Calisha shares how she found the understanding of the Inside Out Paradigm changed the way she experienced her personal relationships as well as how important it has been in her work with Muslim women and their identity.

Pia Antico (Zahra Summayah)


From a background in psychology and counselling, Pia shares how this is the only solution to emotional health. Her journey from bitterness and anger to peace and contentment is inspiring.

Maryline David


Maryline says the changes she has experienced in understanding the Inside Out Paradigm, particularly in her relationship with Allah.

Some Stories From The Innate Revolution Website

Pain: Marilynʼs Story

Author and Principle based facilitator Marilyn shares her transformation from physical disability and pain to becoming much more able bodied and happier through understanding the Principles of innate wellbeing/health.

Personal Transformation: Dicken Bettinger

Dr Dicken Bettinger shares his personal trabnsformation from 'doing' to 'being'.

"It is not the power of the word or the determination of our might, but the deep and silent workings of our minds which bring the inner self and the outer self together, into harmony"

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link